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Bricks Challenge Amstelland International School Friday

This course is for students of the Amstelland International School. 

Start: 10th of January 2020, 12 lessons Age: 5 – 11 years. When: Every Friday from 12-1:15pm.

Become a Young Engineers with the LEGO® lessons from Young Engineers! We are going to built exciting models!

The main goal of Young Engineers enrichment programs is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on basic principles in mathematics, science and engineering using motorized LEGO® bricks and other methods that produce motion.

The main idea of Young Engineers Bricks Challenge is learning the subjects through stories and demonstrations. The highlight of each lesson is the building stage of a model that demonstrates the lesson’s subject using LEGO® bricks and Technic LEGO®. Each participant receives our unique Young Engineers kit which has been designed and manufactured especially for this purpose.

For more information please email us at: amsterdam@youngeng.nl

Bricks Challenge Friday at Amstelland International School

  • Voer a.u.b. een waarde in tussen 6 en 12.
  • Prijs: 168,00 € Aantal:
    12 Lessons. Super fun LEGO Challenge cursus in which you are going to build motorized LEGO models
  • 0,00 €

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